I Need A Savior Now

by Peter Pyo

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I hope you sing your heart out listening to my album, and decide at the end of it that the cry of your heart is "I Need A Savior Now!"

I’m a Christian music evangelist and traveling preacher. My music does not fall into the “worship” genre, although I hope that each song I write inspires you to explore Christ and worship his goodness and sovereignty. The songs on “I Need A Savior Now” discuss wonderful, maddening, passionate love; absolutely crushing heartbreak; depression; war; the Second Coming; sexual temptation and broken families; meaning and purpose; and Christ’s love for us.

What I'm most excited about right now: transitioning into full-time touring! This summer 2012 I'll be touring to promote the album, preach, and minister everywhere God opens doors! All money that I raise past expenses will be put towards my classes that I start this Fall at AGTS, so that I can get my pastor's credentials with the Assemblies of God! I'll be attending as a Chaplaincy Candidate with the National Guard. After I graduate, I hope to be able to apply for the AG Missions board, and devote the rest of my life to bringing the message of boundless love in Christ to all parts of the world. Since I speak Spanish, God has been opening such unique doors that most never have the opportunity to encounter!!

One of the main things I always share at my concerts is the testimony of my father's miraculous healing and conversion to Christianity. Our God is the same God yesterday, today, and forever, and He continues to pour out His power on all who believe!

Find my contact info at my Artist page,
www.facebook.com/peter.pyo.music and click the contact link to send me a direct email!


released February 29, 2012

All songs Copyright 2011 Peter Pyo. All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Peter Pyo.



all rights reserved


Peter Pyo Dover, New Jersey

I’m a Christian music evangelist. My music does not fall into the “worship” genre, although I hope that each song I write inspires you to know Christ! The songs on “I Need A Savior Now” discuss wonderful, maddening, passionate love; absolutely crushing heartbreak; depression; war; the Second Coming; sexual temptation and broken families; meaning and purpose; and Christ’s love for us. ... more

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Track Name: I Need A Savior Now
V1 “Goodbye,” in a message she wrote,
then she tucked it in a bottle just to watch it float out to sea, would feel good to jump in for a bit,
and never quit sinking ‘til she felt like it.
But she knows she wouldn’t kick to the surface for air
‘til her daddy stopped acting like she wasn’t even there,
‘til her mommy came back from wherever she was, ‘til her little boy’s daddy is finally someone to trust

C: I need a Savior now! Everything’s crashing down! Nothing is good at all! Nothing is good at all! When everything’s crashing down, everything’s burning round, I need a Savior now! I need a Savior now!!

V2 Good man, at least he strives to be,
the kind of man that you respect and like immediately.
He’s got so much potential in his qualities,
his will is iron and copper, straight ferocity.
But the tongue’s been a fire passed down by his daddy from his daddy like a curse that leaves the family
in tragedy,
total rage followed by remorse and contrition,
my heart breaks, the son takes daddy’s human condition.
Larceny and greed, sexual addicts that need another fix another body, drug addict - another shot
we get it hard, get it fast, get it anyway but last
take advantage of the weak and use them until they bleed.
I’m a wreck dear God, searching for an answer, when all my loved ones are gone, did you hear my prayers? Is there grace for me,
honestly I’ve stopped believing and yet I feel the need, so desperately...

V3 I don’t know how to pray very well, but dear Jesus, please hear these words.
I’d like to say sorry for the things that I’ve done
and haven’t done
but I’m excited for the things that will come,
‘cause up ‘til now I’ve been so terrible at trusting you and giving thanks to you,
in the hardest times of my youth.
But I’ve been reading every day about you sending your son
and about his heart for the broken, about his heart for the ones that said
I’m through with the world if it’s not a reflection of you and I can’t make it alone, I need to be loved by you!
I need to be held by you! I need to be changed by you! I need a savior on a cross that says, “I’ll die for you!” For final unity of everything in heaven and on earth,
to make the saddest heart alive, so aware of its worth.
God I’m bitter at the past but your hands can heal,
God I’m drowning in my grief but your power is real.
This is my prayer…I need a Savior!
Track Name: My Other Half
V1 It was the best spring ever, I was a restless college senior, and you were the girl who inspired me to write a song. We fell in love in two days, I called your Mom, and she said ok, you came to formal and we knew all along

C1 That this was something special and my spirit knew, yea it KNEW that I’d found my match, you’re my other half

V2 We couldn’t ever hang up the phone, we’d talk for hours and dream and hope, lookin’ forward to the summer of New York City. And I left for Basic the 23rd, and you’d write me letters and made it worth the wait for August to see my girl so pretty

C2 ‘Cause this was something special and our spirits knew, yea they KNEW that they’d found their match, you’re my other half

V3 We read the Bible in 200 days and we found God’s good and amazing grace, and asked Christ to reign in our lives until His coming. And without a rock firm as our dear Lord, there’s no way we’ll make it when we hit the storms, unless we give each other a higher kind of lovin’

C3 So will you give me a higher kind of lovin’? Will you love me when you don’t feel like lovin’? You know I will. End I love you and I don’t want anything to change...‘Cause this was something special and my spirit knows! This is something special and my spirit knows!
Track Name: Lonely Hearts
V1 Two cold bitter hearts dressed up in silhouettes waiting for a hot sun come to pick up colors where we lost them, replace them. Each careless word took a toll in feelings, memories affect future outcomes, angry eyes outdone by the hurt and the hate only pain can bring.

C Because your heart is such a lonely place of bitter memories…Until you let me take control you’ll always find a way to ruin your Life is full of tendencies to fall away from me, and so you’ll find a way to take away the good I gave, such a lonely heart!

V2 I gave you everything, why would you reject me? Heed this warning, my love is everlasting, but only for a short time am I asking. My Son is rising, take away silhouettes of darkness. You can’t hide this lack of love in you or between us, I’m sorry that you never learned Br I don’t think you’ve been missing me like I’ve been missing you! And I am jealous for the heart I made, that doesn’t want me to be there in the mire of your heart’s dark desires and shame End Because your heart is such a lonely place, and you'll ruin your life without me.

I'm in your heart for you.
Track Name: All Things By Design
V1 Give me a mic to rock this joint, give me double bass speakers to make my point, give me fans in the front that act the part and leave their mark and leave the park glowing, ‘cause truth illuminates the dark. And you can feel it when I’m singing every line that I wrote, the heart is hungry for passion that keeps it brimming with hope, that understands the reason why I’m up here shouting and singing, the body moves to the beat, the hook kicks and you’re screaming

C Give me something to believe in, I recognize a reason for this vast expanse and I could never be the one to say that everything we know goes ‘round by chance! All things by design!

V2 Six billion people living her currently, 106 billion people make up our history, and every single one of them lived and then died and faced the same patterns of shame and of pride, of misery’s company, hard work and passion, a breakup’s agony, love and attraction, and every single one of us wholly unique and free to think and choose to love Him, for in Him we live and we move and have our being.
Track Name: Triumphant
V1 Oh Jesus give me your best, ‘cause I’ve been settling for less, and bless me father ‘cause I’m your son. Would you give stones to the boy who asks his daddy for bread? Would you give lashes for a job well-done?

Pre You told me “ask and receive,” and in my heart thus believe there’s a prize for the race well-run. And though the storm be unquenching find my hope in the drenching as I say,

C Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done! Every knee will bow, every tongue confess when Christ returns triumphant!

V2 You gave me breath and the choice to be your vessel and voice, and gave me life to live in you. You gave me freedom to roam and I have found every road leaves me so lonely if it’s without you!
Track Name: In A Woman's Arms
V1 There are times when you try to feel right with yourself, but can’t shake off the feeling something is wrong. Jesus Christ, did you pray just for others or did you miss the feeling of being with Daddy? Were you always strong?

C ‘Cause she makes me wanna be like I’ve not been before, but for a different set of reasons that I can’t ignore; I’ve been straining for direction pulling at the oars just to find in a woman’s arms, God was right when he made them ours to love and cherish and protect, and to die for.

V2 And they called us up and we answered. And they shipped us off to keep the terror from our family’s homes...from you, baby. But out here where we don’t belong it’s so lonely, and it feels so long ‘til I’ll be with you...with you, baby.

V3 And we watched the detonation right in front of us. We were deaf as Johnson’s body rained on top of us, the world stopped and then, the mortars came in, the bitterest touch to feel your friend’s blood soaking through his shirt and on your skin you’re pumping with adrenaline and nothing will feel real again and nothing will feel real again. End And he died propped against a wall. Why did God allow Adam’s fall? But I have a higher source of strength, I have a higher source of safety, and I will make it back to your arms, baby. 'Cause to be in my woman’s arms! You’re my reason to end these wars. The reason that I fight and strive, you're what I live for.
Track Name: Heaven's Coming Down
V1 Blood red, who took out the sky? Black in the day, black in the night. No stars, they all fell down, oceans rise, the cities drown. No food, the land’s overrun. Death by the sword, death by the gun. Up from the north, a new king rises, promises peace, and thus he bribes us...This is the end.

Pre Tanks from the east, from the north, from the south, planes in the air with their bombs on the ground, then from the sky a glorious sound, heaven on the march with a victor’s crown! Graves open up, the dead coming out, the Lord’s in the air, He’s riding on the clouds, the Lord’s in the air!!

C Heaven’s coming down...do you feel it?

V2 Take two, are you ready for this? Believe, be free, be calm when it hits. We know who our strength is from, hold fast until His kingdom come. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs, don’t give away the gifts he gives. May we be like a virgin bride, untouched by this world’s hungry eyes!
Track Name: The Love Decision
V1 Decades and decades, they’re so long ‘til they’re gone, and I can’t remember specifics, but I know we had fun. So jump in the car and let’s drive anywhere, not take it for-granted! Just let all your senses etch a memory of what we’ve been handed

Pre And feel the air, feel my hand on your leg. Close your eyes, taste the sounds of the drive, the scent of pines, the old trees aching like I am for you, and you for me, and me for you, and me for you...

C So put your hands up and over, I’ll carry you to the beach. Pull out our old blanket, act like we’re 18. And this is the moment everyone else lives for. I know the reason we have them: I’ve decided in my heart that you fulfill, and no one else will!

V2 Good times, or bad times, let them come or let them cease, for I have learned to be content in war, and happier in peace. And I could never be everything you need, never said I could suffice; but that was not my purpose, baby…place your hope in Christ, and then rejoice!
Track Name: I've Been Thinking
V1 The way you smiled at me tonight threw caution to the wind, it was the greatest of confessions, I just want to breathe it in! You make me so unnerved and breathless, how you move so gracefully! I want to carry you forever, let it be just you and me! I want to lay with you and see you smile that way at me each night, and feel the world explode between us, share each others’ great delight

Pre1 And make the doubters and hardened hearts of broken pasts and disappointments...

C Bury their heads when they see what they’ve missed, construing everything wrong, let them see where they’ve fallen and cheer up (and make up)

V2 The dreams I thought I wanted aren’t worth wanting without you, and I don’t want to see them through if you’re not there to see them too. We’ll share the joy of life together, share each other’s company, and I don’t care about your past if you’ll forgive my history

Pre2 Lets make these scoffers and hardened hearts of broken pasts and disappointments...

End No, No, No! Don’t you listen to their mindsets! No, No, No! Don’t you live in any regrets! We’re not them, and every day’s a lost sunset. It’s so simple...I want to see you in a white dress.
Track Name: Everything About You feat. Andrea Streb
V1 Greatest of Kings I am your eager bride to be; I want to love you with the same ferocity you’ve shown me...You never gave up, you crushed the serpent’s head and swept me off my feet! You never let go, when I would whore myself under the spreading tree...You redeem. Now in your eyes I’m burning, fiery throes of yearning, close my eyes as you envelop me. And the crash of your steps, thunderous roar descending, Mighty Conqueror, come claim your victory!


V2 Will my accomplishments be your constant delight? Will my heart be revealed a treasure filled with Christ, purest light...Or will I cave in? Will I be riddled with decay and apathy! ‘Cause I am lost in my mind’s condemning shouts of my iniquities! I am unclean!

- Female Vocals: Andrea Streb
Track Name: To Love Again
V1 I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to breathe, I just want to sleep and dream of nothing. ‘Cause you’ve been my best friend and I’ve been your strong shoulder, and now we’re talking ending and starting over…without each other.

C1 God, this is on me, we saw it coming, we both said nothing and hoped it would leave us. ‘Cause we’ve both been longing to find our belonging, and we saw the greatest of good in each other, and still do.

V2 God, please save her soul, ‘cause you’ve put her through hell and she’s broken. Comfort her tonight and show her heaven.

C2 And show her you love her, show her you made her, show her her purpose and what you’ve been plannin’. Show her the nails that pierced through your hands and tell her you know all the pain that she’s been in. And give her a sign, open her heart to love again.

C3 Show me you love me, show me you made me, show me my purpose and what you’ve been planning. Show me the nails that pierced through your hands and show me you know all the pain that I’ve been in! And give me a sign, open my heart to love again.

End I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to breathe. I just want to sleep and dream of nothing.
Track Name: New Beginnings
V1 Tires slick from the evening rain, the car is warm and my hands can’t wait to grab for yours, help you out the door, say goodbye, always wanting more. The best part is your innocence, the joy of love without pretense, without a need to rush the night, just say goodbye and drive and I think about you every mile, the way your eyes look when you smile, and when you call and say, “please come back,” you know I will to hold you but while every look is adrenaline, this is not the way things should end. Give me a chance to show you babe that I can be a gentleman!

C I won’t let this overcome me, this is the beginning of something new! I will love you! I won’t let this overcome me, This is the beginning of starting over new! I will love you!

V2 Yellow sun drying up the rain, hurry dear, ‘cause the day won’t wait! So pack a bag, chase you out the door, last one out drives an hour more. I swear it’s true, and I won’t give in, you see right through my tough pretense, you settle into your favorite seat, and backseat drive to Kansas and I’m falling for you every mile, saying things just to make you smile and when you yawn and say, “I can drive,” you know I’ll never let you so just lay your head down and rest your eyes and sleep until the stars change their mind, and I will drive us throughout the night and use the time to pray to Christ that...
Track Name: Remember The Part In Your Hands
V1 It started so easy consumed in romance, where love would fulfill all demands; and each one entrusted the depths of their souls to a lover too young for such plans. And with their bodies so close, knowing where this would end, the illusion of love filled their heads, and a physical connection left objective discretion a casualty along with pure hands.

V2 And they fought about everything when they found themselves married to a person not perfect for them. And resentment built up as they drank from the cup of a loveless marriage with kids. And father started staying out later at night, and mother always cried, and the kids all knew why: their parents hated everything about their family but the children were the reason it survived

V3 So the kids found their comfort in the arms of young lovers, and resolved not to live like they’d seen. Gave their hearts to another in between sheets and covers, so convinced of love’s taste at seventeen. So convinced of love’s taste! So naive to heartbreak! Unspoken pasts are bound to repeat.

V4 I found my comfort in the arms of young lovers, and resolved not to live like I’d seen. Gave my heart to another in between sheets and covers, so convinced of love’s taste at seventeen. 'Cause when you're convinced of love's taste and you're naive to heartbreak, unspoken pasts are bound to repeat. End When I grow up to wreck all the lives that I can, remember your part in this hand. To all of the parents who still have a chance, remember the part in your hands.